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(martial arts classes for preschoolers ages 3-5)


A preschooler’s boundless energy can be exhausting.  Our martial arts classes provide the perfect balance of structure, fun and fitness, while promoting physical development, and early learning; giving your preschooler the emotional and physical outlet they need,

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Our martial arts classes for preschoolers are packed with fun and high energy

We teach skills for success!

  • Improve attention span and listening
  • Help with coordination and balance
  • Boost confidence levels
  • Foster new friendships
  • Create healthy social habits

Why Jae H. Kim Taekwon-Do?

  • Your preschooler will be introduced to real Taekwon-do through age appropriate skills and drills
  • We teach using a fun and exciting game-centered environment
  • A safe and positive learning atmosphere
  • Open enrollment and unlimited Tiny Tot classes per month!
  • Small class size = less time for disruption, more time for instruction

Why Jae H. Kim Taekwon-Do?

  • An introduction to real Taekwon-do through age appropriate skills and drills
  • A fun and exciting game-centered environment
  • A safe and positive learning atmosphere
  • open enrollment and unlimited Tiny Tot classes per month!
  • Small class size = less time for disruption, more time for instruction
Focus, discipline, listening - skills taught in our martial arts classes for preschoolers

A Rewarding Experience


The Jae Hun Kim Taekwon-Do Institute has been our home for the last four years. Our now 8yr old began taking Taekwon-do at age 4, to help gain more focus and self control. Over time he joined the older class and the black belt program as his commitment to his learning increased. Ms. Perrin has guided our child through the years, pushing and encouraging where needed as well as providing discipline and focus. Now our younger son is participating in Tiny Tots, and our 8 yr old will soon be testing for his black belt. It has been an amazing experience, and we look forward to continuing our practice over the years.


My two boys, Juan and Victor each started at JHK when they were 3 years old in the tiny tots program.  They are now 6 and 8 and it has been incredible to watch their confidence and determination grow.  This has been amazing experience for both of them. We cannot thank you enough!


My 5-year old son, Andrew, was a student in the Tiny Tot program for a year and I can confidently say this is a very good program for young kids. The program’s instructors – Ms. Perrin and Mr. Cillian and the rest of the staff – are amazing people. They care a lot about the kids and the kids love them. They keep kids motivated with a balance of discipline, healthy competition, and fun.  As a result, Andrew was able to learn basic Taekwon-do moves, improve his self-control, self-confidence, focus, strength, flexibility, and social skills. Now he is a student in the Children’s Program and is looking forward to getting his next belt!

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